​Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk! Three Ways to Maximize Your Investment on a Laminate Floor.

​Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk! Three Ways to Maximize Your Investment on a Laminate Floor.

Posted by Percy John Flooring on 2017 Jul 16th

In any household with kids and dogs running around, it’s understandable that accidents will happen. Milk and juice will get spilt, wet dogs will come in from the rain, or perhaps a flower vase will be knocked over. What happens to your new laminate floors when they get wet?

You may have heard the cautionary tales of the complicated relationship between laminate flooring and water. Now, before you cross laminate type floors off your list, let’s go over some facts.

  • In short, laminate flooring can get a little wet without much concern similar to other flooring products.
  • The surface of laminate floors are waterproof; but the edges of the floors can pervious to liquids depending on its AC rating (or "Abrasion Class" rating). AC1 and AC2 are susceptible, but AC4 has waxed edges to help protect the flooring from liquids.
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  • Liquids left standing on a floor over time will cause swelling. However, you have about a four-hour window to clean that spill up.

Laminate floors are one of the most convenient and affordable types of flooring. With the various styles and guaranteed consistency in the product, it’s becoming an increasingly popular option for homeowners. To ensure that your floors retain it’s beauty and shine, here are three simple tips to on how to properly maintain your laminate floors.

1.Debris Free 

Ensure your floors are free of debris so that they won’t scratch or scuff the surface of your floors. An easy way to reduce the amount of dirt entering your home is to put a mat outside the entrance of your house to ensure that any dirt and rocks are left outside. With this being said, be mindful of dragging furniture around the floors as any rocks stuck on the legs of furniture could scratch the floor. A handy tip is to put felt tabs on the bottom of couches or tables that are on your laminate floors.

2.Sweeping regularly

Sweeping on a regular basis goes a long way. Not only does sweeping help keep your floors and clean of debris, but it also helps maintain the shine of your laminate floors without the accumulation of dust and dirt.

3.Don’t use excess water 

Though your laminate floors can withstand some degree of wetness, it’s still important to remember not to use too much water while cleaning. Massive spills on the floor could lead to swelling and expansion of the floors as water could make its’ way into the joints of the planks. When cleaning, refrain from using wet mops as you would for tile flooring, but do use laminate cleaners. The best way would be to spray laminate cleaner on a damp mop or clean cloth.

There you have it, three simple ways to ensure you retain your investments worth on your laminate floors. Feel free to comment below and let us know your laminate flooring experiences and browse our Laminate section to find the perfect style and colour for your home!