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At Percy John Flooring, we know that flooring is more than an investment; it’s a simple solution for transforming any space in your home from something old and worn to something fresh and beautiful. We also know that, when it comes to flooring, there can be an overwhelming number of products to choose from. That is why our friendly and personable team members will always take the time to help you select the best flooring product for your home from one of our select flooring collections.

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Why Percy John Flooring ?

Imagine walking into your dream house that you’re designing from scratch and having fingerprint custom floors and designs made just for you. Whether you’re a homeowner or a designer – we understand that implementing your vision and placing that in industry-set standards can become difficult.

The Beauty Of Giving Back.

Global Shore’s mission is to transform Guatemala through Christ-centred education. We want to provide a safe — and affordable — environment where students can come, experience God’s love and come away transformed, able to make a change in their community, their family, their workplace.

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