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Builders & Installers.

Flooring for builders & installers


Providing everything you need to get the job done faster and with a lower overhead.

While other flooring companies may offer lower prices, we can help you save time and money in the long run by providing everything you need to just show up and do the job. Our full suite of flooring services for builders and installers are backed by our expert team members and high-quality glue, wood, and flooring products.

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Builders and installers

The support you can expect from Percy John.


Builders and installers entrances


Make a great first impression with beautiful and durable flooring for all kinds of entrances.

  • Full flooring bundles including everything you need to install a foyer or entryway floor efficiently and easily
  • Durable brands for high traffic areas


Durable and beautiful kitchen flooring for renovations and new installations.

  • Kitchen floor bundles offered including glue, flooring, and subfloor materials to help you complete the job quickly
  • Durable, high-quality flooring to ensure long-lasting surfaces in high traffic areas

Builders and installers kitchens

Builders and installers lounge


Premium comfortable and stylish flooring for all kinds of lounges and living rooms.

  • Massive variety of styles for all kinds of aesthetic outcomes
  • Easy to install flooring packages for all living areas
  • Flooring to promote comfort and connect the space

Nosing & Manufacturing

Pre-fabricated stair and nosing components to match any floor.

  • Stair nosings of all sizes manufactured in-house to match your needs
  • High-quality craftsmanship and durable materials to ensure long-lasting beauty
  • Prepared for pickup with glue and everything else you need

Nosing manufacturing

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