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The Percy John story

A short introduction to your team members and why their background should inspire potential clients’ confidence.

David Murcia

David is the Managing Partner of P​ercy John Flooring and the Director of Sales. He started as an installer, and after years of hard work and overcoming hardships, he has successfully grown the business to where it is today. Over those ten years, his intense ambition and a clear vision for the future have fueled his perseverance. His magnetic and bright personality makes him sure to bring out the best in those around him. We draw our strength from his steadfast optimism and resilience as a company.

Pearl Fernandes

Pearl has been with the company for almost 4.5 years now. She started as the Administrative Manager and has now moved on to Operations. As an Operations Manager, she is responsible for planning, directing, updating, and coordinating the operations of the company. She is a highly reliable, hardworking and diligent employee. One of her favourite things to do is hiking and spending time with family and friends. She might not know this, but she also makes the best flan EVER! We absolutely love having her on our team.

Navdeep Kaur

An altruist with the brightest smile and the kindest heart, Navdeep is one of our lovely Administrative Assistants. She is responsible for supporting Operations in overseeing and coordinating various administrative services. She moved to Canada in the year twenty-fifteen, and she has worked hard since then to become the strong independent woman she is today. Her favourite hobby is Gardening, saying it’s therapeutic and in her words, “I have learnt a lot by seeing them grow slowly and naturally. They inspire me to love, be kind, and take care of people around me; the most important lesson is to be optimistic.”

Samantha Wowk

Samantha is one of our administrative assistants with over 10 years of experience organizing workflow and brings attention to detail to the next level. If “organization” could be a love language, it would definitely be in her top two! Though she is behind the scenes here at PJF, her supportive nature enables the team to thrive in their respective roles. In her spare time, Samantha enjoys taking in the scenery of “Beautiful British Columbia” through different hikes – coupled with good company and great food, she’s a happy camper!

Deepinder Jassal

Always jovial and happy, it’s never a dull day with her in the office. As a customer service representative, she is responsible for making sure our clients have a seamless experience and they never leave our showroom unhappy. Deepinder is a coffee enthusiast, and her favourite is a hot blonde roast latte with a hint of cinnamon. She also takes every opportunity to travel, experiencing the mountains the sea and everything in between!

Tamim Amiri

When it comes to sales and serving the customers, Tamim is a highly innovative person. His inspiration and motivation for his great work ethic find their roots in his family – he is a devoted son and friend who will drop anything to help where he can. Tamim loves to bring laughter to our team by cracking jokes and has a love for aviation backed up with years of experience being a pilot in the U.S. Tamim will fly you through every stage of your project with ease and try to avoid any turbulence!

Richard Li

Richard’s ability to connect and build relationships through great service and consistent communication is a strength customers will experience when working with him. With a background in design and architecture, Richard has the ability to guide customers through those tough decisions with wisdom, leaving them confident and satisfied. The desire to connect with new people and the great example his father set in business fueled Richards’s desire to pursue Sales and has proven to fit him perfectly – the PJF team can attest to that! Whenever Richard gets a chance, he expresses his love for food and people by heating the barbecue, and when winter falls upon us, he hits the slopes for snowboarding.  He takes great pride in ensuring your projects go smoothly from start to finish – just like a good run on the fresh powder!


Jacquie is a happy mother of 4 children, working full-time as an HR manager at PJF. She thrives in connecting with others and supports the team in everything that requires development. One of her strengths is being resourceful and aiding the team in the development process and problem-solving. She says, “My biggest passion is knowing I get the opportunity to hear people’s stories and goals and plan out where they are going in the future (not just at work).”

On her days off, she loves indulging in developing meaningful, lasting relationships with family and friends through weekly outdoor activities, movie nights, and church Sundays, but also alone time to unwind, like reading a book or watching a good series on Netflix.

MJ Yeoh

MJ is our master craftsman and a great asset to the company. His attention to detail and his eye for design are what makes his art unique. In addition, he has had over 11 years of experience working in the custom wood industry and is one of the best in the city! He loves spending time with family and prioritizes having a balance between work and spending time with close ones.

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