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Named after the storied palace in Andalusia, Spain, this evocative pattern recreates the look of intricately laid tile floors, but in a much softer surface that’s a lot easier on your joints. The fortress’ long history includes a layering of styles and cultures–including Roman and Moorish, both reflected in the contemporary design. It will bring a bit of indoor-outdoor, sun-kissed warmth to your indoor spaces. The ten available colorways include a rich range of browns, blues, greens, and rust reds, each a fresh take on classical motifs.


Available in 10 colours

Dynex SD Solution Dyed (Permanent Stain Resistance)


Maximum pile height: 0.1970 ” (5 mm)

Pile construction: Patterned Tipshear

Total thickness: 0.205 ” (5.26 mm), 0.305 ” (7.80 mm)

Gauge: 5/64″

Stitches/Rows per Inch: 11.60 /in


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