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Product Details


Designed by Suzanne Tick, whose diverse body of work in textiles is influenced by architectural structure and focused color, the Radiance Collection adds refined depth to the floor plane with crossing gradients in smooth tones. Sumptuous pile and subdued colour draws attention to geometry juxtaposed with a wide width thread up. This broadloom-only offering takes design and composition to a new level by introducing tonal shifts of colour over a 6’ width. Echo refreshes broadloom as a bold medium for flooring design.


Available in 12 colours

Dynex Nylon Solution/Yarn Dyed


Maximum pile height: 0.2170 ” (5.51 mm)

Pile construction: Patterned Tipshear

Total thickness: 0.305 ” (7.75 mm), 0.405 ” (10.29 mm)

Gauge: 5/64″

Stitches/Rows per Inch: 13.20 /in


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